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As a People and Talent expert for over two decades and Chief People Officer, I build and rebuild teams and cultures for companies around the world.

Why it matters

Will resign
Millennials will resign

Millennials will quit their job in the next two years

Outside comfort
Outside comfort zone

Humans do our best work just outside of our comfort zone

Likely to stay
More likely to stay

More likely to stay in a job when working with friends

What we do

We exist to help humans be more human and build sustainable companies. I’ve experienced the chaos of rapid growth first hand, and developed leadership tools and frameworks under Pancakes and Peacocks that support you to build human centric, vibrant cultures that scale.


Building a company is hard.
I help you build a clear People roadmap for your business, whilst also supporting you with leadership challenges along the way. I specialise in culture, change strategy, leadership and branding.


My goal is to help you unlock your authentic leadership energy, whether you are leading others yet or not. I work with you to define your goals and support you to operate in a way that helps you perform at your best and increases retention.


I work with leadership teams of all sizes and shapes, to design and deliver workshops and other forms of learning on; resilience, building psychological safety, creating a culture of innovation, managing others, hiring and raising self awareness.

Client testimonials

Ruth worked with us at Huckletree during a time that we felt we needed to get the right structure within our People team to grow our business. Her involvement and advice was invaluable in us drilling down into what we needed and making the right hire. Ruth also has also hosted workshops for our leadership team and our wider community on leadership and wellness at work that were extremely successful. She’s deeply experienced, emotionally intelligent, engaging, and fun - a delight to work with.

Gabriela Hersham, CEO, Huckletree

Ruth has been key to us establishing an effective People and Talent strategy and developing a culture that set us up for the long term.
She’s deeply experienced, emotionally intelligent, engaging, and fun - a delight to work with.

Griffin Parry, CEO, m3ter

Her work experience at Shazam, Onfido and (more recently) bp Launchpad means that Ruth offers a unique perspective: Ruth can talk to leaders at startups as well as those at established companies with the equal impact and credibility. Ruth shares her insight and practical advice for delivering cultural change in demanding situations with extraordinary energy and enthusiasm - her natural charisma and warmth are obvious, even in virtual workshop settings.

MARTIN BOYLE, VP Transformation, Codebase

Who we work with


Emerging startups who are excited to build a purposeful and sustainable company.


Established startups who are ready to scale and want a culture that will scale with them.


Larger companies who want to create to a more of a startup vibe, and start to innovate.

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