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"Her natural charisma and warmth are obvious, even virtually"

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Discover how to communicate with true confidence in the workplace

Some of my recent talks have included:

Having worked in the People, Talent and Culture space for over 20 years, I am often asked to give talks, deliver workshops and to speak on panels and podcasts. I am a firm believer that, in the right environment, each and every human can thrive. My keynotes are focused on leadership, culture and wellness.

A culture of innovation isn't simply a nice to have, it is essential for business growth

Creativity is the single biggest thing that will give your business longevity. In this talk, I explain the most important components needed within cultures of innovation, and how to become intentional about how you build them. 

Leading yourself to lead others: leadership as an energy, not just a job title

In this talk I share the challenges and opportunities within leadership, with practical tips, tools and frameworks to help you develop your authentic leadership voice and structure your team for success.

How to communicate with confidence, authenticity and influence

In this talk I share how to proactively build confidence as a woman in leadership, with practical tools and exercises to help build a practice of confident and empowering communication at work.

Her work experience at Shazam, Onfido and (more recently) bp Launchpad means that Ruth offers a unique perspective: Ruth can talk to leaders at startups as well as those at established companies with the equal impact and credibility. Ruth shares her insight and practical advice for delivering cultural change in demanding situations with extraordinary energy and enthusiasm - her natural charisma and warmth are obvious, even in virtual workshop settings.

Martin Boyle, VP Transformation, Codebase

Reflective, fresh, positive, fun and profound, are the keywords our community used to describe Ruth’s session. We truly appreciated many useful learnings on how to lead with empathy, and use empathy as a strategic advantage in our stakeholder management. Due to our complex environment with 26 stakeholders (brands) we benefited from Ruth’s reflections on balancing business needs with personal growth, while elevating a more communal way of working.

Daso Benko, Senior Manager, Richemont

Ruth is a an absolute joy and pleasure to work with, she brings her unique experience and insights to help unlock the potential in people. As the Faculty Lead for our Elevate programme, Ruth has worked with the high potential leaders to equip them with the skills, tools and belief to go back into their teams and make a difference.

Chris Locke, CEO, Aspire

Download free guide

Discover how to communicate with true confidence in the workplace