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Coaching changed my life.

I was completely stuck in the life that I had chosen – to the point I wasn’t even looking for a way out. I entered into coaching thinking I needed to change my job, and gradually ended up changing my whole life. 

The majority of us are trapped in prisons of our own making. I was definitely one of them. My goal is to help you create the space you need to thrive and step into your leadership energy, just like I have. I can support you with:

  • Starting your journey towards true self love and acceptance

  • Providing you the space to think through the challenges you are facing

  • Learning to identify your habits and patterns in order to change them

  • Choosing a truly expansive path for yourself and building out your roadmap for the future

Email me at ruth@ruthpenfold.com and we can arrange to have an initial call to discuss how we might work together.