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10 years ago I was married, unhappy with work, but feeling like the life that I had was okay. I’d just turned 30 and I could feel something wasn’t right, but I thought work was the issue. By some miracle, my boss at the time offered for me to see his coach – I say miracle because I couldn’t have afforded it for myself at the time. 

The coach asked me one question that lit the fire that ultimately changed everything: “When was the last time you felt joyful?”. I answered telling her I was happy, but somewhere underneath all that something shifted. I ran away for another 3 months, but something inside me started to shift and my life became unbearable. 

I wasn’t consciously aware of what I needed to do beyond going back to that coach. What has unfolded since has been my total reinvention; I left the life I had created and started over. I rebuilt myself from the inside out. I created the space I needed to create to build and to thrive and most importantly of all; a life with joy at its core. 

I now live in a constant state of audit, gently finding the means to make choices and move through life in a way that feels in alignment with my soul. That, for me, is what joy truly means – it is not giddy and effervescent, it is calm, still and truly powerful. 

My purpose is centred around supporting others to find the means to walk their path of joyful alignment.