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Leadership is an energy, it isn’t simply a job title.

We all have the power to lead ourselves and others, and magic happens when we learn how to harness it.

When I turned 30 in 2010, I could feel something wasn’t right, but I thought work was the issue. I decided to see a Coach. The Coach asked me one question that ultimately changed everything: “When was the last time you felt joyful?”. I answered telling her I was happy,  but after the session something inside me started to shift and my life became unbearable.

Truth? I hadn’t felt joy since childhood. 

I wasn’t consciously aware of what I needed to do next, beyond going back to that Coach. That was the moment I started to take the lead in my life. What has unfolded since has been my total reinvention; I left the life I had created; an unhealthy marriage, house, all of it, and started over. I created the space to thrive and to move through life in a way that feels in alignment with values.

I then applied my learnings within my professional roles, leading People, Talent and Culture for companies like Shazam, Onfido and bp Launchpad. 

My purpose is centred around supporting others to find the means to walk their path of joyful alignment, whether individually or collectively. I founded Pancakes and Peacocks as my vehicle to deliver on that purpose via coaching, delivering workshops, talks and supporting organisations to build environments where everyone has the chance to thrive and feel like they belong.