It’s our time to Bloom.

Empowering women in the workplace to unapologetically claim your seat at the table and lead with confidence and authenticity.

Ruth Penfold-Brown


If you are an aspiring, budding or existing leader who is ready for your career to blossom, you are in the right place.

I started working with Ruth for professional reasons, but soon found that her wisdom, empathy and guidance was helping me grow in many more areas beyond my career. She has been instrumental in helping me shift old patterns and narratives that were no longer serving me, and she has done so in a kind and gentle way.

Shivani S

Product Leader

Communicate with confidence

The essential women leader’s guide to communicating with confidence and influence.
In the workplace, confidence is the currency that enables you to grow in your career. This guide will give you the essential strategies you need to communicate with unshakeable confidence and empower others.

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You'll discover :

  • How to communicate with influence so you can stand your ground when challenged and turn difficult stakeholders into allies.
  • How to effortlessly navigate office politics, give difficult feedback, and master conflict resolution with grace and ease.
  • How to set boundaries with yourself and others to avoid burnout, create a better relationship with stress, and achieve the ever elusive work-life balance.

It’s time for your career to Bloom.

In the working world women still only represent 24% of the C-Suite, with only 4% being women of colour. Yet in today's climate of change, there is an increasing need for empowered women who are able to lead with confidence and love.

Whether you are a budding new leader or have been in your position for many years, it is crucial to develop an authentic leadership voice that is grounded in all that is authentically you. Leadership is a path of self-discovery, but it is possible yourself from old beliefs or behaviours that may no longer serve in order for you. Our goal is to empower women to confidently step up to the leadership table sooner, and truly bloom in their career without the weight of imposter syndrome and the burden of burnout.

  • Uncover your beliefs, brand and find your authentic leadership voice.
  • Unlock your leadership energy and learn how to to communicate with influence so you can stand your ground when challenged and turn difficult stakeholders into allies.
  • Create total confidence in your decision making + building strategies.
  • Learn how to set boundaries with yourself and others to avoid burnout, create a better relationship with stress and achieve the ever elusive work-life balance.
  • Learn how to make innovation + growth your way of life, with creativity at the heart of how you build your future.
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Develop, hone and harness your authentic leadership style in my 6 week, cohort based leadership accelerator for women. If you identify as a woman, find out more and get on the waitlist for the next cohort here.

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We will deep into your specific situation together and create a solution that works for you, whether that means coaching or mentoring. Packages are available for either 3 or 6 months and available to all regardless of gender.

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Great companies invest in great leaders and Pancakes + Peacocks is here to support you with that. Grow your company and let us support you to create a vibrant culture that scales.

Praise and testimonials

I started coaching with Ruth during a particularly difficult time in my career. I was low in confidence and unsure about who I was and what I wanted to do next. Ruth showed a wonderful ability to hold space for me to explore my thoughts, feelings and emotions in a way that I hadn't experienced before. Her brilliant intuition for asking the right questions allowed me to rebuild my self confidence and plan for a future that was aligned with my values. It was incredibly powerful.

Luke O

Ruth is without a doubt one of the most intuitive, self-aware, emotionally intelligent people I have ever come across. As a result, she is an incredibly effective coach and thought partner, who can quickly read between the lines, diagnose the root cause, and help design solutions to move forward.
What makes Ruth so credible is that she has undergone a journey of transformation herself, that has required the courage and strength that she now helps others to find.

Natasha N

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About Ruth Penfold-Brown

My name is Ruth Penfold-Brown. Over the years I’ve risen up the ladder in the business world as a leader in companies such as Shazam (the famous music app), Onfido (a financial technology company), and bp Launchpad (a clean-energy subsidiary of bp; a Fortune 500 top 40 company).

But it wasn’t always that way. Click learn more and discover how I have empowered myself to the leading positions. 

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