Yesterday, my friends, I was burgled. This was the first time this has happened to me, and like all of life’s little adventures, you learn a great deal about yourself in the process.

My plans changed at the 11th hour, so by some twist of fate I found myself home by 5.20pm, and able to deal with what faced me at a reasonable time of day. My front door had been smashed open, ripping out the door frame in the process.

The (likely just one) culprit, then proceeded to rummage through most of my worldly possessions, but took only my Macbook Pro and my iPad mini.

I was calm, I was a little shaken, but I switched quickly into action mode. Phoned all the people I needed to to make myself safe again, and generally switched into ‘handle my business’ mode.

What I have learnt most of all from this episode is really just how blessed I am:

  • The things that I truly hold to have value (aside from people) are not things that criminals of this kind place any value on.
  • The person was not malicious, just a thief. They left me nothing more unpleasant to find than a door that had been smashed off it’s hinges and a bit of mess.
  • I have a TON of people who love me. Some just showed up. Some called. Some frantically messaged. All of whom offered to do any and everything I needed. Places to stay, company, essentially love from every direction.
  • The Universe brought me home at a time that I was able to deal with things properly and make my home safe for the night. By some incredible Universal coincidence, I also had copied my entire music collection to a hard drive last weekend, so my obscure assortment of wonderfulness can be restored in the future without any real drama.
  • My dog was not here, he was back with my parents and completely safe and out of harms way. Also that I was not here actually – let’s not forget that one.
  • I have created an environment to live in that is full of so much love, that I still felt able to stay there alone, and without too much concern. I woke a little in the night for sure, but I didn’t feel unsafe.
  • I have the tools I need to stay steady in a temporary storm. I meditate. I show myself love all the time.

Perhaps the most significant blessing of all; I live in a country where our Police force, in the very large part, is truly incredible. They were with me in 20 minutes and were absolutely lovely. Even the woman on the phone when I was a little upset when I first got home, she was supremely wonderful. My temporary crime reference number was in the 6000’s. They told me that the London Met deal with 10,000 calls on a quiet day, 15,000 on a busy one. I am in awe. For the level of service I received, this is truly phenomenal.

I am also truly blessed to be in a situation where I am renting a great apartment, and my landlord was able to mobilise their troops to get an emergency locksmith out to me, someone who was able to effectively secure my home, and my sanity for the night.

My sleep might have been a little restless, but I have woken with a heart full of love. My beautiful home will soon be back to normal. Through insurance; my lost possessions will soon be returned.

I never take for granted how blessed I am to be a human that was born in the place that I have been. In so many other countries of the world, my experience would have not have been the same, largely because my life would not have been to blessed to begin with.

So I send my thoughts and love to those that are less fortunate than me today and my thanks to the Universe. Have a beautiful weekend everybody.

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