Bloom: a leadership accelerator for women

If you are an aspiring, budding or existing leader who is ready for your career to blossom, you are in the right place.

Why it matters

Women leaders are often faced with many challenges that male counterparts do not typically experience. Discrimination, gender bias, and unequal pay are just a few of the obstacles that women in leadership positions must confront. Moreover, women have to work harder to prove themselves and overcome stereotypes and obstacles in order to succeed. 

Despite facing stereotypes and obstacles, women leaders consistently rise to the challenge and prove themselves as capable and successful. However, it is unfair that they must work harder to overcome these barriers in the first place. We must recognise and celebrate the strength and resilience of women, and actively work to create a more equal and fair playing field for them to thrive.

C-Suite level
C-Suite level

Only 24% at executive-level currently are women, just 4% being women of colour

Experience burnout
Experience burnout

More than 42% of women are experiencing burnout, sometimes on repeat

Leaving roles
Leaving roles

40% of women are leaving roles due to lack of promotion or pay rises

Do any of these situations resonate with you?

  • You are a new or aspiring women in leadership who wants feel confident, powerful and like you belong in a leadership role.
  • You struggle with speaking up in meetings so hold back, and navigate imposter syndrome in different ways on different days.
  • You are sick of being overlooked, feeling overworked and want to create an impactful career where you are paid your worth.

Finally, there's a solution

As the world of work changes, we are calling for a new breed of leadership that embodies feminine energy.

Across multiple performance categories, women leaders who step into their power either equal or 'out perform' their male counterparts.

It's our time to Bloom.

The Bloom leadership accelerator is a groundbreaking programme that offers aspiring and experienced women leaders the opportunity to step into their power and harness their unique, authentic leadership style.

In this course, you will discover:
  • How to advance your career and negotiate pay rises in a way that feels authentic to you, without imposter syndrome holding you back.
  • How to establish and uphold your boundaries, create balance and banish burnout, without the worry of letting others down.
  • How to become a confident and influential communicator that effortlessly commands respect without stress, overthinking and overwhelm.

What are my students saying . . .

Ruth is without a doubt one of the most intuitive, self-aware, emotionally intelligent people I have ever come across. As a result, she is an incredibly effective coach and thought partner, who can quickly read between the lines, diagnose the root cause, and help design solutions to move forward. What makes Ruth so credible is that she has undergone a journey of transformation herself, that has required the courage and strength that she now helps others to find.


Ruth, by far, is one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her coaching style, our sessions, and the advice given are all real, practical, and tried and tested suggestions. I LOVE how compassionate, empathetic, and caring she is. When you are in a session with her, nothing else matters. She ensures you are heard, and you start to feel in control again.


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It is time for a new breed of leadership, one that comes from being authentically you.

It is time to become the leader that you have been seeking in others, it is time to become authentically you in front of any audience. 

The Bloom leadership accelerator will help you to build embodied confidence in the workplace and embrace your authentic leadership style. Enrol or join the waitlist for the next cohort today.